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Located 18km NW of Kaniva and being nestled between the edge of the Great Mallee Desert and Kanes Swamp, “Pine View” was once a part of the historic Yarrock Station.

Yarrock Station was formed in 1851 from the amalgamation of four existing runs, being Tattyara, Yanyip, North Yanyip and Grantchester totalling 52,540 acres. Up until 1885, the licenses of Yarrock Station were held by several families, including Moffat, Affleck, Edkins and Messer.

Yarrock Station was a busy place having a homestead, Woolshed and sheep wash as well as numerous other buildings which were homes to Station hands and their families. Injury and death was an all too common part of pioneering life, and Yarrock Station also had its own cemetery with the only surviving headstone marking the burial place of 2 members of the Affleck family. It is thought that as many as 60 people could be interred in the cemetery in unmarked graves. Unfortunately, wooden grave markers have long since disappeared and the local burial records were lost in a fire in the early 1900’s. If you have a relative who is burried in the Yarrock Woolshed Cemetary, please click here to let us know.

With the introduction of Freehold land titles, my Great Grandfather William Hobbs registered a ‘title of land selection’ in 1885. Since then “Pine View” has been in the Hobbs Family being farmed by my Grandfather Arthur Hobbs and my father Ron Hobbs. I am carrying on the family farming tradition using the business name of Yarrock Farms, to acknowledge the history of the area and of the early Pioneers.


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