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These high energy logs produce a bright flame, burning hotter and longer than fire wood.

With up to twice the heat, these fire logs will burn two to three times longer than the equivalent weight in wood.


  • Compacted fire log made from 100% plant derived biomass.

  • High energy value, approximately 20MJ/Kg/DM

  • Produce less ash than firewood, typically 5% or less by weight

  • Low moisture content, typically 6 - 8%

  • Ideal when burned with wood…more heat, cleaner burn & less ash

  • No splinters


Directions for use:

To light from cold, make a traditional fire with kindling and once well lit, place fire log onto the burning fire. Will catch quickly but will produce more heat and burn longer than wood.

Recommended for use in combustion/freestanding heaters. Keep fire logs in a dry place away from moisture and rodents.

2015-03-26 15.15.22 (2)
IMG_20160422_180450 (2)

Indicative test performed by Tim Taylor 2016 comparing Red Gum & Slow Burning Firelogs

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